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Hi, I am Katrin Kübler-Xanthopulos, freelance artist, graphic designer and the creative mind behind artWERK.


Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by colors, shapes and all kinds of creative experimentation.  I professionalized my passion for color and design with an apprenticeship as a visual marketing designer, A-levels in design and two semesters of art therapy. I successfully completed my studies as a graduate social worker/social pedagogue.


I specialised in acrylic painting more than 20 years ago, as they are very much in line with my joy of experimentation and abstract expression. On canvas, I prefer to work with mixed techniques of pigments, paints, putty, structural paste, gel, sand, paper, gold leaf and so on.


With a lot of passion, commitment and skill, I create high quality and unique artworks. I love working in layers while spackling many layers of intense vibrant colors on top of each other with the palette knife or painting knife. As a result, in one painting there are often several works hidden behind the visible, which gives the painting a deeper expression. 


I am inspired by the beautiful creation with its seasons... the mountains and the sea... a stroll through the oldtown... interesting design and architecture... a visit to all kinds of museums, old castles and palaces... incidents from life... but deepest my faith in Yeshua (The Messiah).


With my works I want to bring beauty, inspiration, joy, hope and a positive atmosphere into every house and into the world. With my art, I would like to bring people (again) in connection with the eternal.


If you have project inquiries or would like to purchase one of my valuable treasures, please feel free to contact me. Also browse my gallery and store. I look forward to hearing from you.